3 Ways General Liability Insurance Protects Your Landscaping Business

When you operate a business from your home, you need to know if it is covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Click for more.

3 Ways General Liability Insurance Protects Your Landscaping Business

3 Ways General Liability Insurance Protects Your Landscaping Business

26 June 2023
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If you're starting a landscaping service, you'll want to carry insurance. Clients may even want to see proof of insurance before they hire you. Talk to an insurance agent about the type of coverage your landscaping business needs. One type they may recommend is general liability insurance. Here's how this type of insurance will protect you. 

1. It Covers Injuries Clients Get In Your Office

If you have an office where clients can visit you to sign up for services or drop off payments, you'll need to be covered with liability insurance in case someone trips and is injured when they fall. If you don't have liability coverage, you'll have to pay all of those medical bills out of your pocket, and medical bills can add up fast. That's why you don't want to go without coverage. Liability coverage protects you when a client or guest is hurt on your property. However, this insurance doesn't protect you when harm is done to you. For instance, liability coverage won't pay for damage to your office by vandals.

2. The Insurance Pays For Damages You Cause

Liability insurance is to pay for damages to property and injuries to people that are your fault. If you accidentally knock down a client's fence while mowing, your insurance will cover having the fence replaced. If your mower accidentally runs over someone's foot, liability coverage pays for medical bills. Since you work with dangerous equipment on a client's property, it's best to have liability coverage in case an accident occurs. Accidents can happen at any time and when you least expect it, so it's best to prepare with adequate insurance to cover the costs.

3. You'll Be Protected From Advertising Injuries

If you post on social media, make print advertising for your business, or just talk about your competitors to clients, you might get sued for libel or slander if you're not careful about the way you word things. While you may never encounter this situation, it's helpful to know if you are taken to court, your general liability insurance policy may pay for your legal bills. You may want your insurance agent to explain how this coverage works and what you can do to avoid getting in trouble with the things you say or print.

Since liability coverage is for damages that you cause, you'll probably want additional insurance that will cover your equipment in case of theft and that will protect your office suite or building. An agent will help you understand what policies you need so your landscaping business is fully protected.

Contact a local insurance agent to learn more about liability insurance.

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