5 Tips That Can Help You Save Money On Car Insurance

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5 Tips That Can Help You Save Money On Car Insurance

5 Tips That Can Help You Save Money On Car Insurance

9 November 2022
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With the costs of many goods and services rising due to inflation, now is the perfect time to take action to lower the cost of your car insurance. The best part is, accomplishing this goal can be relatively quick and easy when you choose to use the five tips below.

Tip #1: Register For Safe Driver Discount

Many car insurance providers now offer you the chance to qualify for a safe driver discount. In order to receive this discount you will need to register for their safe driver program. This typically means downloading their mobile app and setting up an account. Once you have completed these steps, the app will be allowed to collect data regarding your driving habits. This data is then used to determine exactly how safe of a driver you are and to reward you with a discount based on your individual driving habits and skills. 

Tip #2: Increase Deductible For Collision Coverage

If you carry collision coverage on your vehicle, you will want to consider increasing the deductible associated with this coverage. The higher you are able to set your deductible, the more you can expect to save on your car insurance each month. 

Tip #3: Pay For Your Policy In Full

If you are currently paying your car insurance on a monthly basis, you should know that you are paying more than you need to for this policy. This is because insurance companies charge a convenience fee if you choose to break up the cost of your policy into monthly installments. If you are able to pay for your policy in full upfront, you will be able to avoid these additional charges and reduce the overall cost of your insurance. 

Tip #4: Take A Defensive Driving Or Driver Safety Course

The safer you are when you are on the road, the less likely you are to cause an accident and end up with a claim against your insurance coverage. That is precisely why insurance companies offer discounts to individuals who complete either a defensive driving or driver safety course. Just be sure to submit proof of completion to your insurance company after taking this course in order to receive your discount.

Tip #5: Purchase Your Policy Online

It is quite common for insurance companies to offer online-only prices. This is done to encourage individuals to purchase their car insurance policies online which helps to keep the company's overhead costs down. If you are comfortable purchasing a policy online, this can be a very simple way to save money on the car insurance you require. 

For more information, contact a car insurance provider near you.

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