Auto Insurance Tips For College Students

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Auto Insurance Tips For College Students

Auto Insurance Tips For College Students

14 September 2020
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For many young adults, college is their first taste of freedom and the chance to make decisions on their own. However, with this freedom comes the responsibility of caring for your own daily needs, including automobile insurance. Luckily, there are several things that college students can do to ensure that the student both has adequate coverage and can save the most money possible.

Here are a few simple tips automobile insurance tips for college students.

Consider Remaining on Your Parent's Auto Insurance

Talk to your parents about remaining on your parent's automotive policy. There are several benefits to remaining on your parent's policy, including a multiple driver discount and your parent's good driving record and established relationship with your parent's insurance provider. However, to remain on your parent's insurance policy, in many cases your main residential address must remain your parent's house as well.

Once you move into your own apartment and establish residence at a new address, you may not have the option to remain on your parent's insurance.

Ask Yourself If You Need to Bring Your Vehicle to College

Depending upon where you are going to college, it might make more sense financially to not bring your vehicle with you to campus. In addition to potentially paying for on campus parking, if you bring your car to another state, it might impact your vehicle's insurance policy coverage and cost.

Leaving your car at home and relying on public transportation can also allow you to pause your insurance coverage, which will save you money, and you are at a lower risk of making mistakes that can raise your insurance rates, such as getting into an accident or getting a traffic ticket.

Find Out About Any Auto Discounts Available to You

Finally, if you decide to get your own insurance, there are several ways you as a student can save big money on your automobile insurance. Ask your insurance provider about any discounts available to you. For example, your insurance provider may reward you with lower rates for maintaining good grades. Drive safely to receive the same reduction in rates as your parents enjoy.

Your insurance provider might also provide a discount if you are attending a partner university. Ask your insurance company about a discount available if you complete a safe driver's course as well.

If you are heading off to college, these are just a few of the several ways you can save money on your automotive insurance. Try visiting a website that works with car insurance to learn and ask questions.

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