Questions You May Have About Roof Damage & Homeowner's Insurance

When you operate a business from your home, you need to know if it is covered under your homeowners insurance policy. Click for more.

Questions You May Have About Roof Damage & Homeowner's Insurance

Questions You May Have About Roof Damage & Homeowner's Insurance

15 November 2017
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If you've recently noticed some damage to your roof, you may be wondering if your insurance is going to pay for a repair or replacement. In some cases, damage to your roof is not typically covered. If you want to know more about roof damage and homeowner's insurance, check out these questions.

Will Insurance Replace an Old Roof?

One of the most common reasons you may notice damage to your roof is that it is simply old. Roofs don't last forever, and overtime, they become weakened from exposure to weather and other factors. Unfortunately, your homeowners insurance won't cover this type of damage. It's considered normal wear and tear, and it is the homeowner's job to maintain the roof. This includes replacing the roof when it is becomes old or worn. Insurance typically only covers sudden, unforeseen and unpreventable damage.  

What Is a Peril Policy?

When you get homeowner's insurance quotes, you may notice peril policies and non-peril policies. A peril policy is better if you live in an area that sees specific types of disasters frequently, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. This is because these policies cover the most common disasters in the area. In your policy, they will only cover what is listed. A non-peril policy just covers the most common disasters in general, such as fire, vandalism, etc., but it may not cover earthquake or hurricanes.

Are Belongings Covered?

With your insurance, not only is your home protected, but your possessions may be covered too. Usually, if the damage to the roof is covered, the damage to your belongings is covered too. However, in some cases, even if the damage to the roof isn't covered (such as wear and tear), your policy may still cover some of the damage to your belongings.

Will the Roof Be Replaced or Repaired?

If the damage to your roof is covered under your homeowner's insurance policy, then it's up to the insurance carrier to decide if your roof should be replaced or repaired. If a replacement is needed, however, the age of your roof may be considered, and you may be reimbursed at a lower amount.

A homeowner's insurance policy protects your home from disasters, so make sure you have the right coverage. It's the difference between being able to repair your home and having to lose it because you can't afford the repairs. If you are worried you don't have a good policy, start shopping around for different homeowner's insurance quotes today. 

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